Arranging Flowers for Dummies

Arranging Flowers for Dummies

Have you been intimidated by the thought of putting together a flower arrangement but experienced failure before you even bought the flowers? Arranging flowers is not that difficult with a little guidance and some great ideas! Displaying your flowers can be fun especially when being creative in stylish but simple ways.

The first thing to start with is finding some basic household containers for your fresh cut flowers. Don't be limited to the typical glass vase but expand the horizons of your creativity and just start to look around you. Grandma's old water picture makes a great country look or a sterling silver pitcher for a more traditional look.

Simple candle votive holders with a single flower in it at each place setting at your dinner party, adds a touch of elegance. Old cans and bottles can be quite nostalgic. The ideas are endless without the expense of purchasing a vase. Choosing flowers with large heads like lilies, orchids or sunflowers individually put in a container all lined up is quite stylish.

Using vintage teapots, tumblers or even old jam jars can create a conversation piece. Be sure to cut the stems short so the flowerheads skim the top of the container. Jar or glass containers can be put inside baskets for a unique fall look or spring assortment.

If you have a suitable vase but the color is just not right, try wrapping it with ribbon, string or a scarf. This adds a nice visual interest and distracts the eye from the vase. You could even stick the vase inside a decorative gift bag for that goes with your theme or decor.

It is much easier to coordinate the color of flowers once you have the vase design set. Another great idea, yet simple, is to cover the outside of the vase in double-sided adhesive tape. Then stick large leaves vertically around. Some household leaves look wonderful because of their exotic markings, coloration or glossiness. If you have no leaves, wind plain string or colored in coils around the bottles of jars. Adding beads or shells can add an ethnic look. Satin parcel ribbon or even honeysuckle vines will work.  Go with where your interests lie.

If this is all not simple enough for you or you have had a few disasters in your demonstration, then a lovely way of displaying flowers is to cut off individual flower heads and float them in a low dish of water. Adding small floating candles is very romantic and brings a peace and tranquillity into your arrangement and your home.

Flower arranging is not something you can really fail at if the flowers you love are mixed with the people you love. Whether the arrangement is for your home or elsewhere, enjoy your creation and the time you spent creating it. Stop and smell the flowers is a cliché we have all heard but oh so true! In this fast paced world, take time to enjoy the scents, beauty and diversity of flowers.

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