The White Rose is Not Just Another Flower

The White Rose is Not Just Another Flower

Because white is a symbol of purity, honor, and innocence, white roses are often the type of flower chosen for weddings. They seem to exude cleanliness, freshness and sophistication. A bush loaded full with white roses is an outstanding sight to behold!  One might think of them as having heavenly beauty.

The beginning of a new relationship, a fresh start, a baby's birth, could be celebrated with a gift of breathtaking white roses. They can bring an air of importance to any event, or to your outdoor scenery. They can bring out the best in a formal setting and add a teasing glimpse of bright color and beauty to an informal setting.

White roses are used in garlands, as adornments for hair, decoration on hats, or in corsages and boutonnieres. When used fresh, they can only last a few hours.

Proper preparation for long use of fresh white roses includes:

1. Soak the stem in room-temperature water for a few hours prior to use.

2. Wrap the end of the stem or stems tightly in florist's tape to contain the moisture.

3. Slip wires discreetly beneath the florist's tape and pierce the calyx. (The calyx is the outer group of protective leaves of a flower). The wire helps stiffen the stem.

There is such a thing as a glass lapel vase. When refilled, often it will keep the flowers strong for days.

White roses can be ordered and shipped overnight. It is possible to find them for about forty dollars a dozen. They can be mixed with other colored flowers to brighten an arrangement.

White on roses that aren't mean to be white can signify downy mildew. This condition is brought on by hot days and cold nights; possibly there will not be enough air circulation. There is a fungicide available. Always read the labels to determine that it will be what is best for your particular climate and plant. As with any chemical, you should use a fungicide with care. Using mulch around the roots is helpful to protect against this condition.

An interesting white rose is a Cherokee rose. It comes from the Orient, made its way to Florida, and escaped to become the wild rose of the South. Soldiers during the Civil War planted this rose on the graves of fallen comrades. Indian legends have been made about this white rose.

Also in the south, there is a leafy white rose native to North Central Texas. The most famous rose gardens are in Tyler, Texas, known for its field-grown roses. An autumn rose festival is held there each year. It is not unusual to see wild white roses running wild in south Texas, at a height of up to eight feet. White roses do indeed add a wild grace to an untamed countryside.

Early Christians used to shun the rose, believing it a symbol of pagan corruption. The belief was also that the rose grew thorn less in the Garden of Eden and acquired thorns to remind people of their sins. How ironic that the white rose, indeed that any rose used to be shunned and is now a welcome symbol in many ways.

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